Here is some information from the School of Instruction that was held Saturday, Sept 16, 2017, 10 AM at Post 9439--Casper. Great seeing everyone there.

School of Instruction Agenda Sept 16, 2017
VFW Programs Deadline Dates Updated for 2017-2018 VFW Program Year as of 12/23/16 (will release in mid-May of 2017)
VFW Fact Sheet (Updated June 2017)
Chairman's Manual VFW Community Activities & Citizenship Education (Rev 9/1/16) 
Chairman's Manual VFW Safety & Recognition (Rev August 8, 2016)
Chairman's Manual VFW Youth Activities (Rev June 21, 2016)
Chairman's Manual VFW Citizenship Education Teacher Award (Rev 9/1/2017)
Chairman's Manual VFW VOD/PP (Rev 7/7/17) 
Patriot's Pen
Voice of Democracy  
Teacher of the Year Brochure (rev 4/17)

VFW Legislative Priorities Sept 11-14, 2017
National Council Briefing (prior to 20171021)