PCI Postcard

Trish Peoples - 3/17/2018

About that yellow postcard you received in the mail. PCI is sending to all the comrades.  I wanted to let you know what it looks like, so you don't just toss it away. Please contact them at your convenience to update your data. They are gathering this data and offering products on behalf of The VFW Department of Wyoming.
Also please note we at the Department (State) level do NOT have personal data for this on our Department of Wyoming, vfwwy.org, website. However, the National VFW website does have data you may wish to review and update. See VFW.ORG and follow their instructions to login.
Thank you.
Trish Peoples
VFW Dept of Wyoming


Dept News GO

June 2, 2018  The June and July editions of the Department of Wyoming News and Orders will be combined into one.  They will come out shortly after our convention and will summarize what we did at convention and what we plan on doing for the upcoming year.  Look for the June/July News and Orders on or about June 15th.

We know some of you can't wait to hear who won the 900 Club, so here goes...

$500 - Ticket 359 - Jeremy S. - Sold by Jim Pedersen

$300 - Ticket 143 - Killian Florist - Sold by Lee Killian

$100 - Ticket 365 - Dan R. - Sold by Jim Pedersen

Wow, that Jim guy sells lots of winning tickets--Well done!




May 29, 2018  2018-2019 Department Bond Rates/Application: See Resources|Reports & Forms



Yellow Postcard

April 2018  The yellow postcard more info



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January 2018  The Members Only Section is newly operational. More info.