Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary

November 5-8, 2020 (STILL HAPPENING)

Cheyenne, Wyoming

 Trolley Ride - Has been cancelled due to COVID-19 requirements.  Reimbursements at registration or can be given as a donation to National Home.

Western Conference Information Package


Online registration deadline October 4, 2020 


above updated 11/08/2019


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Little America--I had another meeting this morning with them.  We walked through each day's requirements, to include the staff office, hospitality rooms, and meeting rooms.  By the way, all the meeting rooms are free and there will be one bar/bartender for every 100 people at the banquet on Saturday.  They are allowing us to bring in our own alcohol and snacks for the hospitality rooms on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I'm going to need a volunteer or two to be in charge of the hospitality room.  I get drunk on one glass of wine, so I'm not a good candidate for that.  Let me know if that interests you.  I told Little America that we may have a band on Saturday.  Bob Keiser from Lander is looking into the Bar J Wranglers for us.

Visit Cheyenne--They are providing on-site registration assistance, name badge printing and lanyards, a cell phone charging station, welcome bags, and the online registration system.  I especially like the online registration.  They will take credit cards and we won't need to pay any fees for that or get our own credit card system.  I just need to change the registration information on the packet I sent.

Visit Cheyenne also is giving us the pub trolley for free!  My Little America contacts provided me with suggestions for the three bars that we can go to on the trolley.  I'm going to need a few volunteers to be the trolley crew.  They'll be the people riding herd on the tour goers to make sure they get on and off the trolley.  Let me know if that is something you'd like to do.  I'm thinking the $15 may be too much to charge for something we're getting for free.  What do you think?  How about $10?  Please give me your thoughts.

To sum up what I need at this point:

1.  Hospitality Room Bosses
2.  Pub Trolley Bosses
3.  Thoughts on Pub Trolley Cost


Trish Peoples
VFW Dept of Wyoming
Office:  307-514-5087 
Sent: Sunday August 18 2019 6:23:55PM
Subject: Western Conference 2020

Hello, All!

The 2019 Western Conference starts in October, which means we need to have our registration forms for 2020 ready to go.  I've attached what we've come up with for 2020.  Please take a close look at what's on each page.  I've become so close to the documents that I can no longer read them with fresh eyes.  Let me know what you think needs to be changed.  I have several notes on what still needs to be done prior to October.

1.  Instead of that rather awkward address for the registration, I'm going to rent a PO Box specifically for 2020 Western Conference.  (I can't leave it as my house/VFW WY HQ address, since my house goes up for sale next summer).

2.  I will contact Kelly at Little America one more time for meal costs to ensure our $125 registration fee will cover that.  I'm fairly confident it will, but I want to check.

3.  I initially received word that the pub trolley tour will be free.  I want to make sure that's true.  I think we should still charge for the tour to help cover our expenses.

4.  I need to contact someone about event insurance.  We need $5mil in coverage.  I have an insurance agent in mind here in Cheyenne.  However, if you all do this or work with an agency, let me know.

5.  Bob Keiser has suggested the Bar J Wranglers play for the Saturday Night Banquet.  What do you all think?  Should I ask?

6.  Do we (VFW or Auxiliary) plan to raffle something at the Banquet?

7.  I think Ron has come up with the shirts and caps we plan to sell.  Ron, could you send a photo so I can send out an order sheet with the registration?  Thanks!

Trish Peoples
VFW Dept of Wyoming
Office:  307-514-5087

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