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The Department of Wyoming does not publish a news paper or magazine, but we do have our WY News newsletter available on our General Orders Page (Resources|General Orders). Additionally,  here are some other publications of interest. 
The National VFW Action Corps Weekly is published every Friday. VFW Dispatch Feb 2020. VFW Magazine is published bimonthly. Other National VFW Publications.
Arizona VFW News published annually in December.
VFW Colorado Veteran is published Quarterly.
VFW Illinois VFW News published monthly...? 
VFW Minnesota Gopher Oversea'R is published February, June, October, and January
VFW Pennsylvania VFW News published bimonthly (August/September). 
VFW Wisconsin Stand Together published bimonthly.  
VFW Department of Wyoming News on our General Orders Page
AMVETS  The New Empire AMVET Department of New York
FE Warren Base Paper: Minuteman  formerly: The Sentinel
National Veterans Magazine is a National publication and a collection of Veterans News Magazines from nine other states.
Wyoming Veterans Commission.
 Trader's for South East Wyoming (Cheyenne)
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This update from our partners at TRICARE is significant, so please review the update and as always, share with your military networks.

Marine Runs Across Wy

Marine Runs Across Wyoming to Remember Female KIAs


Art treasures found during post home renovation.

Dictionary Giveaway

It would seem Pinedale VFW Post has been handing out Dictionaries for more than a decade.

To be: Lookin' Good

Guernsey VFW Post 4471 got a huge grant from the Daniels Fund.

VFW Website Solution Program

We hope you like your new VFW Department of Wyoming Website. Why not get a website like this for your Post?

Website Goals & Guidance

Some of your VFW Department of Wyoming website goals and guidance explained.

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VFW Remembers Pearl Harbor

'Thanks for the Heroes Among Us'

VFW, BMBFC Law Collaborate to assist with Camp Lejeune Claims

Be Proud of Your VFW on Veterans Day

"The Greatest of All Leathernecks"

VFW, Bergmann & Moore Collaborate to Assist with Camp Lejeune Claims

VFW Commemorates National Native American Heritage Month Observance

Ohio BURGER KING Franchise Donates $75,000 to VFW Unmet Needs

Happy Birthday US Navy!

Legal Loophole: Some Contracts Skirt Protections for Service Members

Veterans Win When You 'Help A Hero'

It's National VFW Day!

VFW Asks for Deeper Dive on Veteran Suicide

Happy Birthday US Air Force!

Wounded Warrior Project Awards Grant to VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Services

Until They are All Accounted For

Unidos: VFW Commemorates National Hispanic Heritage Month Observance

Where Were You on 9/11?

VFW Action Alert: Eliminate Unjust Offset for Chapter 61 Retirees

VFW Youth Contest Prizes Grow as Deadline Approaches

Peace in the Pacific: Remembering V-J Day

Leaving Afghanistan - One Year Later

VFW Foundation Names New Executive Director

VFW Announces Service Officer Accreditation Training Scholarship

More Than 170 Veterans Receive VFW, Sport Clips Scholarships

VFW's Campaign to Highlight Members Wins International Honor

Applications Open for 2023 VFW-SVA Legislative Fellowship

VFW Celebrates as Landmark PACT Act is Signed into Law

VFW Remembers Thomas J. Tradewell

Happy Birthday US Coast Guard!

VFW Commemorates Hard Fought Win as Senate Finally Passes 'PACT Act'

VFW Action Alert: Demand the PACT Act Passes!

VFW Expresses Outrage Over Senators Failing to Advance PACT Act

We Remember: Commemorating the End of the 'Forgotten War'

VFW Elects First Iraq War Veteran to Lead Organization

Texas Veteran Becomes New VFW National Adjutant General

VFW, Humana Food Insecurity Campaign Raises 1 Million Meals

VFW Action Alert: No More Delays, Pass the PACT Act Now!

Past National Commander Clifford G. Olson Jr. Passes at 89

Post Members Find Support While Working as a Team

The VFW National Convention Returns to Kansas City

Kansas City Barbeque Society Joins with the VFW to Spread Patriotism and Love of Barbeque as America's Cuisine

VFW Action Alert: Include the Major Star Act in the FY23 NDAA

All In the Same Boat

Veterans Organizations Comment on Halt to VA's Asset and Infrastructure Review Process

VFW Remembers Woody Williams

VFW and EagleRider Deliver Discounts to Members

VFW 2022 Voice of Democracy Winners Attend Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

Louisiana Post Receives 2022 National Community Service Award

VFW Celebrates Victory for Veterans as 'PACT Act' Passes in Senate


Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Wyoming Calendar Fundraiser
November 2022 Winners!

$30 Winner – Dottie Lacquement - Green River WY - Stub # 968

$30 Winner – Henry Ellis – Torrington, WY - Stub # 4522

$30 Winner – Pam Cain – Ft. Laramie, WY – Stub # 1459

$30 Winner – Andrew Duffy – Leadville, CO – Stub # 4982

$30 Winner – Rhonda Mazurie â€“ Lander, NV – Stub # 2792

$30 Winner – Heather Hutchins – Riverton, WY – Stub # 2035

$30 Winner – Brian Robinson - Lander, WY – Stub # 90

$30 Winner – Evelyn Violett – Billings, MT – Stub # 2340

$30 Winner – Jeannie Schwingerdorf - Muster, IN – Stub # 4765

$30 Winner – Time Marsala – Buffalo, WY - Stub # 3319

$15,000 Winner – Sandy Pederson – Cody, WY – Stub # 1320

$30 Winner – Fonder Post 11453 – Cheyenne, WY – Stub # 1106

$30 Winner – Chris DeBernardo – Apache Junction, AZ – Stub # 3422

$30 Winner – Jason Kloes – Fallon, NV – Stub # 294

$30 Winner – Barbara Redman – Cheyenne, WY – Stub # 1081

$30 Winner – Stephanie Herrera – Casper WY – Stub # 1529

$30 Winner – Jerry Walsh – Casper, WY – Stub # 4363

$30 Winner – Promise Knosp – Honolulu, HI – Stub # 1318

$30 Winner – Jerry Butler – Casper, WY – Stub # 4906

$30 Winner – Deb Ahlbrecht – Casper, WY – Stub # 4925

$30 Winner – Alyssa Williams – Evansville, WY – Stub # 190

$30 Winner – Post 1560 club – Sheridan, WY – Stub # 1735

$30 Winner – VFW Post 9439 – Casper, WY – Stub # 4058

$250 Winner – Jennifer Merrick – Single, WY – Stub # 4479

$30 Winner – Todd Romsa – Laramie, WY – Stub # 1626

$30 Winner – Rodney Frisby – Bar Nunn WY – Stub # 4896

$30 Winner – Linda Rish – Clearfield, UT – Stub # 1096

$30 Winner – Chris Haderlie – Thayne, WY – Stub # 2329

$30 Winner – Karie Morgan – Laramie, WY – Stub # 1598

$30 Winner – Robert Hylie – Riverton, WY – Stub # 2031


  Mid-Winter Conference - Jan 11, 2023 in Dubois


WY Department Convention
Sheridan, WY June 9-11 (coming soon)


Veterans who need assistance with VA Claims, etc. please contact our Service Officer:

Vacant-Please call the office number for a National representative to assist!

Department Service Officer
VA Medical Regional Office Center
2360 East Pershing Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Mobile: (307) 421-8054  (working from home during COVID 19 pandemic)
Fax: (307) 778-7549