December 2018
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November 2018
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During our 2018 Mid-Winter Conference Dennis Wright provided us with information about the Bells of Balangiga. We understand this is a very controversial issue, it is not our place to take side, we only wish to provide valuable information pertaining to the bells. We welcome fact-based information to add to this collection. Thank you.
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Bells in Filipino Jungle - Original

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15 Mar 2018

Once again, the Department of the Pacific Areas would like the Department of Wyoming to support its National Resolution to return the Bells of Balangiga to the Philippines.  I've attached the resolution here.  As you know, we had a representative from the Department of the Pacific Areas who spoke on this issue at Mid-Winter.  If you need his information, let me know, and I'll get it to you.

We will vote on the Bells of Balangiga Resolution at our Department Convention in June.  Basically, the choices will be "No, we will not support the Resolution," and "Yes, we will support the Resolution."  A "yes" vote will allow discussion about possible modifications to the Resolution.  As noted below, the Department of the Pacific Areas is willing to provide Wyoming with duplicate bells if the Resolution passes and the original bells go back to the Philippines.  

Please discuss with your posts and be ready to vote at the June Convention.

Trish Peoples
VFW Dept of Wyoming
June 2018: At the VFW Department of Wyoming convention the vote was NO
July 2018: At the VFW National convention the vote was YES
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