Within the Resources area of our website you can find:
  • Directory: List of Wyoming Post, websites, and a map
  • General Orders: Wyoming and National from 2016 to present, also the current National Planning Calendar
  • Reports and Forms: Department of Wy material and some hard to locate info from National
  • Veteran Benefits & Assistance: Collected info to help vets with various needs
  • Veteran Discounts: <<<


Keep up-to-date on how the VFW is working to improve the quality of life for veterans, service members & their families and the community.


  • Come to Cheyenne, WY for the 2020 VFW Western Conference
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  • We are looking forward to seeing you here
 Western Conference 2020

Veterans who need assistance with VA Claims, etc. please contact our Service Officer:

Melissa Gilliam

Department Service Officer
VA Medical Regional Office Center
2360 East Pershing Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Mobile: (307) 421-8054  (working from home during COVID 19 pandemic)
Fax: (307) 778-7549