Danielle Smith
Past State Commander 2022-2023 - Army

Danielle joined the Army in April 1994 as an Administrative spec.  She served in Tague Korea from 94-95.  She then PCS'd to Ft. Bragg, NC where she was assigned to the 65th MP CO (ABN) and deployed to Bosnia-Hertzegovenia July 96 to April 97.  She then PCS'd to Friedberg Germany for 3 years, where she deployed to Kosovo from OCT 2000 to May 2001.  She PCS'd back to Ft Bragg, NC with the 16th MP BDE (ABN) and deployed to Iraq from JAN 2004-2005.  She got off of active duty in December of 2005 and joined a Combat Stress Control Reserve unit until she was medically retired on July 4, 2011.  She pursued her degree in Social work where she worked as a Counselor with several Vet Centers in WY.  She is now working as a Veteran Service Officer.